DHA Phase 8 Ex Park View | Property Trip 2021 | Full Analysis | Commercial & Residential

On this trip, we will give you a complete Real Estate Analysis Of Dha Phase 8 Ex Park View. In this Trip, we will explain the Commercial & Residential Property Analysis. We provide detail on investment in Ex Park View with future predictions. This trip Covers the complete information on all the Blocks on Dha Phase 8 Ex Park View and helps you for making Decisions.

If you are looking to invest, buy Or Rent ( even want to buy and later rent out ) this video explains everything.

We also provide details on commercial investments or getting an office in DHA Ex Park View. On this property trip 2021, we explain the upcoming opportunities in Ex Park View ( if you are looking to get an office to rent or even want to buy ).

We also provide a full analysis of Residential properties of Dha phase 8 Park View so must watch the video till the end.

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DHA Phase 8 Lahore is one of the most desirable phases of DHA Lahore. Located strategically, DHA Phase 8 offers the best plots for sale that come along with heart-winning facilities. Covering a large area of land, it’s a well-developed society offering high-standard living for all residents. DHA Phase 8 offers a multitude of living opportunities, but living there is similar to growing up in the womb of the most modern amenities. Its location and easy access are everything. Easy access and the current development status, all together work and make it the best option to buy a property

DHA Phase 8 Lahore – Prime Location

The best location for any housing society is one of its key lynchpins that ensure its success. But in the case of DHA Phase 8, the location is the real game-changer and sets it apart from all other communities in DHA. With no comparison to any other community and a central location with ample access to multiple transportation options, the Phase 8 amenity offers a promising future for individuals and families. DHA Phase 8 is located between Ring Road and Barki Road in Lahore, Pakistan. It is directly connected to Ring Road and has easy access from the Airport as well as Mall Road. One-quarter of this society also touches Bedian Road in Lahore.

DHA Phase 8 Lahore – An Overview

This phase of DHA is quite different from the previous phases. DHA Phase 8 is offering advanced facilities and attractions that make it a perfect living place. Spanning over 31 thousand plus acres of land, this phase is divided into four main sectors.

Ex Park View

Ex-Air Avenue

Phase 8 Proper

Z Ivy Greens

There are a variety of different areas in society. One popular area is commercials, as they take up a lot of lands.

Plots, Prices in DHA Phase 8 Lahore

The prices for plots in DHA Phase 8, Lahore, differ as per the location and start from 2.50 crores for 1 Kanal plot. The best plots that are reasonable and best to invest in are available in the S Block of Phase 8. These plots come with a good location and a plot of approximately 2 crores will be available here.

Comparison with DHA Phase 7 Lahore

Some investors may conclude that the prices of plots in DHA Phase 8 are high, but the properties available there really make up for their price. The same size of plots in DHA Phase 7 is available in the price bracket of 2.85 crores (taking the example of Y, Block)

But unfortunately, the location of DHA Phase 7 is far from the city and there are comparatively fewer amenities and facilities. There are more facilities in Phase 8, like more parks, schools, hospitals, and convenience stores.