River gardens

River Gardens Housing Scheme

The project is located in Zone V of Islamabad on the main Islamabad Expressway it is spread over an area of 1030 kanals. Town Planning and civic facilities are as per CDA standards. It is adjacent to Defense Housing Scheme Islamabad, Naval Anchorage. River Soan runs along the southern and western part of the project. It has been designed and developed according to the most modern standards of housing which makes it a unique and scenic residential scheme in the 21st century.

There is an ever-increasing demand of housing in the twin cities of Rawalpindi/Islamabad due to urbanization and attraction of the Capital. The cities are becoming more congested resulting into uneasy living. Civic amenities and support services are under pressure and clean environment is being adversely affected. We have planned a satellite of Islamabad which will have modern civic amenities and pollution free living. It will cater for all facilities of the future which will make it a model town to enter the 21st century.

The scheme is situated on the bank of Soan River. Due to its innovative and highly functional planning alongwith beautiful architectural designs, the town has been captioned “RIVER GARDENS“.


The Salient Features of River Gardens Housing Scheme

(1) The residential area of the scheme is not more than 55 % of the total area and remaining 45 % is being used for provision of wide Roads, Green Area & Parks, Civic Facilities, School and most modern Sewerage Treatment Plant for treatment of affluent to make it pollution free.

(2) The scheme has a 1 km front along the Islamabad highway. Main Boulevard consists of dual carriageway of width 100fts, 80fts, 60fts wide and internal streets of 40fts with flowers and hedges on wide medians.

(3) The scheme has developed a network of power distribution as per modern standards. Underground electrification has been laid.

(4) 3 X 100,000 gallons overhead underground have been water tank has been constructed with tube wells to cater for water requirements of residents and commercial use.

(5)  An embankment has been made on the right bank of Soan River to protect the scheme from any foreseen flood conditions in Soan River. “Sun Set Avenue” has been developed on the embankment with a wide jogging track.

(6) A number of medium size Apartment Buildings upto seven story’s height have been constructed in a separate Block to cater for the rising demand of the Twin cities.

(7) A huge commercial district has been constructed including a modern Wedding Marque.

 (8) Modern Bio-Remediation sewerage treatment plant is fully functional catering to environmental hazards.


The project is located in Zone V of Islamabad on the main Islamabad Highway near KAK bridge over Soan River. Town planning and civic facilities will be governed by CDA standards as envisaged in the “CDA Modalities and procedures for Development of Private Housing Schemes 2020”.

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